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March 3-6
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Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi, who founded HACERA, has been active in Hyperledger from its inception. After leaving IBM In October 2016, Jonathan became on one of the early maintainers of Hyperledger Fabric, and in 2017 he managed the release of Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 in 2017 with Christopher Ferris)

HACERA, the company he is leading, released the world's largest "Network of Networks" solution - the Unbounded Network (https://unbounded.network), based on Hyperledger Fabric, which was also the world's first multi-cloud deployment of its kind - interconnecting Azure, Oracle, IBM and AWS.

In 2019, HACERA and Digital Asset worked together to enable DAML for the entire Fabric ecosystem.
These days, HACERA is focusing on privacy, interoperability, DAML and tokenizations).

We are a product company - and not services. Less interested in "blockchain consulting" and more into providing pre-built, pre-assembled and pre-tested products that help organizations and individuals to deploy secure blockchain projects at Enterprise scale.

Read more about us at https://hacera.com