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March 3-6
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David Berger

Integra Ledger
David Berger is the CTO of Integra Inc where he is the chief architect of the Integra Ledger legal blockchain. He also leads the technical committee at the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, the second largest blockchain consortium in the world.Prior to joining Integra as the CTO, David spent 30 years as a technologist applying cutting edge development techniques such as AI, Augmented reality and cloud based SOA to solutions ranging from computer adaptive testing, mobile medical education and college admissions to online tutoring, slot machine development and internet connected toys.

David is currently focusing on blockchain based digital signatures and the use of embedded blockchain anchored embedded metadata. His blockchain speaking engagements include the 2018 Hyperledger Global Forum, International Legal Technology Association, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Startup Weekend Blockchain Edition and Darwin Challenge: Defending Technology Adoption, Blockchain.